What is Lit Lamp?

Over the last decade, significant advancement in LED technology has paved the way for us to create a truly magical lamp; a lamp where a clear glass frame radiates bright light with the touch of a marker. 

Lit Lamp offers as many uses as you can imagine

  • Light your room with your favorite quote  
  • Trace a work of art and turn it into your lamp  
  • Have your kids drawing turn into a night light  
  • Turn your lamp into a Christmas tree or a Menorah  
  • Trace your favorite sports team's logo  
  • Hang your picture and make it glow  
  • Write a message or holiday greetings for your office  
  • Draw attention to your specials menu
  • Use our permanent paint marker and preserve your art   

Key features

  • It's as bright as a 25 watt bulb 
  • Light source is completely hidden, it shines only when you touch the glass with your marker
  • LED provides a warm light temperature radiating from your drawing. 
  • You can display it in portrait or Landscape
  • It has identical back and front; you can draw on either side of the lamp
  • It's designed to encourage the process of drawing and tracing
  • Dimmer switch allows Lit lamp to adapt to various uses
  • The recessed frame allows your arm to rest on the edge away from the glass while you draw
  • The marker wipes of easily with paper towel and glass cleaning solution
  • The stand neatly hides the cord in the back


How does it work?  

The inner assembly frame holds extra bright LED strips that shine light though the edges of the glass. The light particles bounce within the clear glass unable to escape. The marker disrupts the smooth surface, and the light particles escape through the mark, which becomes the source of light.



specs 2.jpg